Milk, white, dark or sweet; a wide variety of fine chocolates are available on Amazon India, they are perfect for all occasions. If you want to make festivals or celebrations special for your loved ones, add some sweetness to their lives by gifting them chocolates.

At Amazon India, you get to choose from a wide range of options in chocolates like chocolate packs and gift boxes, flavoured bars, chocolate combos, Chocholik Dry Fruits, Choco Platter, Heart-shaped chocolates, and a lot more. Make your celebrations special and memorable with these sweet giveaways that we are offering on our website. Gifting chocolates to your loved ones is also a great way of showing your happiness in theirs. Amazon India features an extensive assortment of chocolates to fit every occasion.

Chocolate Santas and other chocolate-dipped goodies are also available during the Christmas season at Amazon India. There is no better way of greeting your loved ones on any beautiful occasion with amazing and unique words carved chocolates made with imported ingredients and filled and decorated with gems and edible sprinkles.

Top 10 Best Chocolate Brands in India

So make your best buy online at Amazon India. Milk chocolate is a popular choice for candy bars and chocolate-coated snacks. It is smooth, with a creamy texture. Buy quality milk chocolates at Amazon India from the best brands that use cocoa instead of replacing the cocoa butter with vegetable fats. They contain 10 and 20 percent cocoa solids, which gives the perfect amount of flavour to your favourite piece of chocolate. Milk chocolate is sweet and contains more than 12 percent milk solids.

White chocolates available at Amazon India are made from cocoa butter and other ingredients, including vanilla, but do not actually contain any cocoa solids. With a mild, sweet flavour, white chocolates are ivory, off-white in colour. Often, white chocolates blended with other chocolates for mousse and other airy desserts. While, high quality white chocolates are made with real cocoa butter, the inexpensive brands mostly use vegetable fats.

Dark chocolate has a higher percentage of cocoa solids, which accounts for its dark colour and stronger taste. At Amazon India, you can shop for dark chocolate that are sweet, semi-sweet, bittersweet, or unsweetened, depending on their level of cocoa solids and sugar content. Sweet dark chocolate is the sweetest of all which has the least amount of cocoa solids and highest sugar content. Semi-sweet dark chocolate is the most popular and is the preferred choice for those who want to perfect recipes that call for dark chocolate.Chocolates are one of the beloved treats that impresses people of any age, from a toddler to an old grandmother.

One pack of chocolates can instantly cheer someone in a bad mood and can add more happiness to an already happy situation. Moreover, it has been scientifically proven that having a regular intake of chocolates can increase the production of serotonin, a hormone that is secreted by the brain when pleasure is experienced. Let us then take a look at the top manufacturers of these little doses of happiness in the country.

CADBURY Dairy Milk VALENTINE'S MESSAGE HEART POPUP Chocolate - Cadbury Silk Valentine's Special 2020

Here top 10 best chocolate brands in India with Price…. Candyman is famous for its large number of variants that have innovative and serve unique taste pallets. Founded inthis chocolate manufacturing company has mastered the art of chocolate making in a very short amount of time. It has also other wide ranging products that use cocoa derivatives and cocoa products.

Some of the most product lines of this company are supplied to local bakeries and also serve to the national market. Lotus Chocolate Price — Kilogram — Rs 1, Dubbed as the company with the best-selling biscuits, the company is also one of the largest manufacturers of confectioneries and beverages.

The company produces and promises quality and taste with each product line they release, be it in the baked good section or chocolate section. Founded inand established ininitially only manufactured packaged drinking water. However the company was soon lead in a different direction altogether, and their first chocolate based product, Milk N Nut was produced in Since then, there has been no looking back, moving forward strength to strength producing products such as Chocolaty Bar, Miclcreme Choco Bar and ChocOn Coconut.

Was established in in Mangalore Karnataka. Of Indian origin, the company used naturally resourced raw materials for the manufacturing of their products. Their main raw material was derived from the states of Kerela, Karnataka and Assam.

Founded by Franc C. Mars in Washington, USA inthe company very recently entered in the Indian Market scenario, instantly becoming a very popular brand with its international appeal and taste. Competing alongside with the other competitors, it has quickly soared the ranks by almost owning 1. A multinational Italian company, founded by Michele Ferrero inthe company came to India in The highest selling product of this company, Ferrero Rocher is one of the most exquisite creations of chocolate and is considered to be the epitome of chocolate creations, with a perfect balance of texture and elegance to its appearance.

It is said that Switzerland is famous for three things, its chocolates, its watches and its scenic beauty. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise when this chocolate giant is said to have its origin in Switzerland. Nestle Kit Kat Chocolate Price — Their iconic theme song is the first and foremost song that comes into mind at the mere mention of chocolates, proving their wild popularity in the country.

Cadbury was introduced In India, in the year of Ever since then, there has been no looking back for the company, accounting with almost Cadbury includes some of the most successful franchises of chocolates in the market including, Dairy Milk, 5 star, Gems, Perk, Silk, Bourneville, Celebrations.

Search for:. Rahul Kumar Brands. Brands chololate. December 3, pm. Saurabh Mittal. May 21, am.Chocolates are liked by everyone due to its creamy and chocolaty taste. The Indian Chocolate industry is growing rapidly. Chocolates can resist for more days as compared to the sweets.

Not only does chocolates tastes heavenly but also it is scientifically proven that it increases pleasure hormones such as serotonin which keeps you indeed happy. Putting on few calories There are various chocolate brands which differ in taste and price, and are sold by the same company keeping in mind the like and dislikes of every customer. KitKat is a chocolate wafers crispy bar, which is great in taste and is liked by everyone.

Top 10 Most Popular Chocolate Brands In India

It is the world-renowned brand and is well known by the people of all ages. KitKat is the most popular chocolate brand of Nestle, which was produced by Rowntree, an England-based confectionery company.

Dairy Milk is the most selling chocolate brand in India and is the most popular one among people of all ages. It is manufactured by Cadbury India, an Indian subsidiary of Cadbury, which is a British multinational company.


Price Range In India, dairy milk is available at different price starting from Rs. This milk chocolate consists of roasted hazelnuts, cocoa butter, skim milk powder. It packaging is exclusive and comes in different quantity packs. It has secured the second position in the list of Top 10 Chocolate brands in India.

Snickers is the next confectionery brand in the list is snickers. This American brand consists of nougat based milk chocolate which is topped with caramel, peanuts and other healthy nuts. Bournville is also available for sale in leading e-commerce sites. Bournville was first introduced in the year by Cadbury. Munch is a chocolate brand by Nestle, which was launched in the year It is wafered chocolate with 4 layers of crunchy chocolate.

Cadbury recently launched a new product of Perk with Glucose energy. Perk was launched in the year and presently it is among the most popular chocolate variants in the country. Temptation is ranked 4th in the list of Top 10 Chocolate Brands in India. This post was created with our nice and easy submission form. Create your post! Username or Email Address. To use social login you have to agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website.

Search Search for: Search. Add Listing. More Report.Chocolates are liked by everyone from small kids to old people due to its creamy and chocolaty taste. The Indian Chocolate industry is growing rapidly. And it is making a lot of progress in making chocolates that are loved by everyone. Chocolates can resist for more days as compared to the sweets.

So many people prefer chocolates instead of sweets. There are various chocolate brands which differ in taste and price, and are sold by the same company keeping in mind the like and dislikes of every customer. This is one unique chocolate in the list with no or less feats. Milky Bar has found 9th place in the list of most popular Chocolate Brands among Indians. It is the product of Nestle, which is white chocolate made up of pure milk and is made especially for those who love the flavor of milk with chocolate.

Alpino is a famous chocolate brand of Nestle, known globally for its unique taste. Now, it has entered into the market of India and is selling across various parts of the country. This chocolate is well known amongst couples and young lovers as there is a secret message written each chocolate. Munch is a chocolate brand by Nestle, which was launched in the year It is wafered chocolate with 4 layers of crunchy chocolate. This has won the hearts of chocolate lovers for its iconic blend of wafers and chocolates.

Perk Cadbury produces and markets its one of the widely known products, Perk with Glucose energy. Perk was launched in the year and presently it is among the most popular chocolate variants in the country.

They have employed some of the unique marketing ideas in their commercials. The commercial advertisement of 5 star Ramesh and Suresh is very popular and various products are being manufactured by same theme.

Bournville is also available for sale in leading e-commerce sites. Bournville was first introduced in the year by Cadbury. This considered to be one of the best dark chocolates in the world. Temptation is ranked 3rd in the list. All these flavors improve on one another with respect to taste and contents and are one of the best-selling chocolates in the country. KitKat is a chocolate wafers crispy bar, which is great in taste and is liked by everyone.

It is a world renowned brand and is well known by the people of all ages.Recent studies have shown that chocolate is actually good for you too. It lowers stress and decreases the chance of heart attack, stroke, and diabetes.

list of 10 rs chocolates in india

This makes chocolates one of the most desirable commodities around. Hence it is important that we know which brands make them the best.

So without further ado lets dive straight into our countdown of the Best Chocolate Brands in India. Cadbury has become synonymous with the Indian consumer market for chocolates. The brand was founded in the UK inbut it came to India only in the late s. Ever since it had been the most loved and most successful chocolate brand in India. Most successful of these is the Dairy Milk line of products which is available at different prices starting from Rs.

Check Latest Collections of Cadbury Chocolates 2. Nestle Nestle is the biggest competitor of Cadbury in the Indian chocolate market. Originally from Switzerland, the company first started selling its products in India in the s. Being from Switzerland, the quality and taste of their variants are of-course up there with the best in the World.

The wafers crispy bar- KitKat is the most popular variant for Nestle. Senses Dark and Senses Milk are their latest editions which is great in taste and is liked by most. Check latest Collections of Nestle Chocolates 3. Vardhese Kurien- father of the white revolution in India started the company in Their production concentrates on quality, taste and at affordable rates.

Today Amul chocolates are sold all around the world in countries. Check Latest Collections of Amul Chocolates 4. The Ferrero Company has its presence in about 55 countries. Their products are distributed across countries through certified retailers. Kinder Joy is one of the most favourite products amongst children. This is due to its innovative packaging in an egg shape with a small toy inside with every pack.It is not only a snack but is used as a key ingredient in many cooking recipes.

Along with that, Chocolates have always been the best gifts. Chocolates have also been considered as mood-lifting therapy. Not only it has the quality of taste but It is also very advantageous as a part of nutrition.

It is a real good for the blood pressure patients, it reduces the risk of cancer and diabetes, boosts up the brain function and also controls the body sugar level. With the same, it is also comprehended to be a notable mood up lifter and adds to women beauty. Also, it is scientifically proved that having a chocolate per day can boost up the production hormone called serotonin that helps in keeping a person joyful and happy. Here are the top 10 most popular and best chocolate brands in India The delicious taste of the bar was changed many times.

It is known to reduce the hunger pangs very quickly and works as an energy bar. It was reconstituted and was also given a different packaging. Its extreme taste includes malted nougat, caramel toppings and a rich coating of milk chocolate. Milky Bar was first introduced in the year by Nestle. It is one of the milkiest and creamiest chocolate bars so far.

It is a favorite amongst the people of every age in India for its goodness of milk cream and is amongst the best-loved chocolate in India.

list of 10 rs chocolates in india

It is chosen more frequently than any other chocolate white. Along with the taste, this brand ensures nutrition, quality, and safety for their products. The nestle alpine is one of the exquisite design of chocolate that was first introduced during the nineteen fifties in the international market and is now present in India as well.

list of 10 rs chocolates in india

The package consists of two crunchy chocolate bonbons made up of refined and creamy mousse center. Each of the bonbons is wrapped with a short message of love. They are not only loved by the Indian people but are also the favorite among the people, all over the world. They are also favored for their beautiful outlook and are specially designed to be shared with the near and dear ones. It is the most loved chocolate wafer throughout the India. It has a delicious crunchy treat that attracts the consumers.

It is simply made up of four layers of wafers which are coated with a layer of chocolate from all the sides including in between the wafer.In this society where we live there are different types of people, which like different things. Though they are different, but one thing which is liked by everyone is the chocolates and it is a good gifts to surprise kids. Not only different individuals, but the people from different age groups may it be a child or aged person both like it.

It is proved scientifically that the regular intake of the chocolates will bring pleasure felt by the brain. Believe it or not, dark chocolate has been used to cure various diseases. Advantages of health chocolates are beyond our imagination. Even though everyone does not like the taste of dark chocolate, its benefits are amazing. Read below to discover the amazing benefits of dark chocolate. Did you know that dark chocolate has amazing ability to fight free radicals which are responsible for various diseases and illness?

Dark chocolate is rich in two types of antioxidants- flavonoids and polyphenols. The cocoa in dark chocolate is very rich in both of these antioxidants. Dark chocolate is richer in having these antioxidants than wine or tea combines. The more the ratio, the better your dark chocolate. Even though cancer is inevitable, yet dark chocolate is one of the rare items which have potential cancer prevention ability.

Yes, you read it right dark chocolate does not cause cavities in your teeth but it lowers your risk of cancer. As mentioned above, dark chocolate is rich in flavonoids which have proven benefits for cancer prevention. Even though the researcher is still getting involved on this, yet there is no doubt in its cancer prevention. Improvises heart conditions — According to researchers, flavanols- the best kind of flavonoids are very good for cardiovascular health.

Doctors recommend eating dark chocolate to those who are already suffering from any heart disorders. Quit all your extra medications and start eating dark chocolate.

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